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MyControl Vehicle Tracking System

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MyControl Vehicle Tracking System

MyControl is a product of Trackncontrol Limited (Kenya). It is the Client for comfortGPS (http://tracking.trackncontrol.com:8080/track/Track), the leading GPS vehicle tracking solution in East and Central Africa by Trackncontrol Ltd.
MyControl is an efficient and effective vehicle tracking and control app for managing your business fleet, personal vehicles and assets, etc. Vehicle Tracking Devices deliver real time information on the location, activity and mobile inventory of your vehicles to improve business performance and customer service. MyControl vehicle tracking devices also provide valuable protection in the event of vehicle theft and recovery.

MyControl helps you track, trace and control devices that are being tracked by comfortGPS or any system that is based on openGTS/GTS Enterprise.

Application Features:
); View a list of your devices
); See the latest device events on a Google Map
); See a fleet google map of all your devices
); View the latest device notifications
); See the most recent GPS position of the device on Google Maps
); Send device commands to control your devices
); Google cloud messaging
For more information, visit TracknControl website (http://www.trackncontrol.com)
About GTS Enterprise system, see http://www.geotelematic.com/
This application is developed by Infomacks Limited for Trackncontrol Limited. If you have a tracking system based on openGTS, don’t hesitate to contact us for quick customization.


October 23, 2015


Mobile Apps, Software

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